Хочу поделиться с вами ссылкой на англоязычный сайт двух мам Laura и Masumi, занимающихся йогой:

The Two Fit Moms website is a joint collaboration between Laura and Masumi, two 36-year old mothers with the common goal of staying healthy and fit. With yoga and nutrition, Laura and Masumi have discovered that they CAN turn back the hands of time and be strong, fit and healthy at any age. As long-time friends (Laura and Masumi met as Freshmen in high school), it has always been a dream to start a business together. Through yoga, Laura and Masumi have found the common thread to make this dream a reality.

Но меня больше впечатлили фото и видео, выложенные в Инстаграме Лауры под ником laurasykora

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